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    12 Ways to get Real Estate Leads

    12 ways to get real estate leads. Many of these are going to be free and I've added a couple of bonuses, I think since I created the title. So you'll get more than that as well as a few key current topics to discuss as part of the program, and we will give you insights on how to get started.

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    Home Inspection Basics

    We generally talk to a buyer about the home inspection before they even schedule it.  We break the expectations into 3 categories: The inspector will note things that are broken.  This is the most typical expectation, and is the most critical need relative to Seller repairs / contributions. The inspector will typically inform the buyer of things that do not conform to today's code, but did when the home was built. The inspector will inform the buyer of things that are likely to need improvement, repairs, or replacement during the first few years of home ownership.

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    Investor Basics

    Real estate is a common investment category / topic, but it can be incredibly complex.  It can be one of the most stable or one of the riskiest things you will ever invest in.  Here, our goal is to understand the basics and uncover what type of investor you may want to be.  Once we…
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    Mortgage Basics

    Financing is critical to a smooth real estate transaction. A lender who does a great job is a tremendous partner. A lender who doesn't perform can cause a buyer tremendous heartache, money, and even a home. The goal of this course is to give buyers a basic understanding of loans and loan types, how the loan functions in the course of a real estate transaction, as well as best practices to set yourself up for a smooth transaction and loan process. This is told from the point of view of a real estate broker / agent who has been a part of more than $100 Million in real estate transactions and seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. A little work up front in this category is priceless, and really a requirement in the current real estate climate.

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    Seller Net Worksheet

    One of the most common questions from Sellers is how much money will I walk away with.  While it’s not possible to work out an exact number at the time of the offer in most cases, you can get fairly close.  This is a quick worksheet designed to make it simple to calculate the most…
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    The Ultimate Buyer’s Blueprint

    Purchasing a home or investment property is a significant undertaking. While the process at a high level seems simple, there are over a hundred items that need to be completed in most transactions, and there are potentially thousands of variables in play. You need to partner with someone who understands the business of real estate, the mortgage industry, the local market, and who is willing to take the time to understand and work to achieve your goals. At Direct Link Realty, our goal is to be that partner, and we invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in training to deliver the best agents to the market.

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    Ultimate Buyer’s Agent Blueprint

    This program is designed for agents who want to deliver an excellent consumer experience while working with home buyers. Whether you are brand new to the business, or simply want to take your business to the next level, this is a comprehensive program on building a strong buyer business.